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Our journey through the classical
to discover a unique,
unmistakable style.


You can recognize our style
at a glance:
harmonious shapes, class and elegance.


Research and innovation,
combine in a style linked to the past,
but interpreted for the present


Handcrafting sofas
has been our pleasure
for more than fifty years...



Our aim is to create a trend and make an elegant and unique style statement.
Lovers of the classical sofa should be able to recognize our style at first glance.

In-house design

Research and innovation combine in a style linked to the past but interpreted for the present. We design and make excellent sofas, and we customize and reinterpret them to meet your requirements, with the most difficult being a stimulus for our creativity.

Quality materials

Italian fabrics, solid wood carved by hand, gold-leaf finishes, hand knotted trimmings and above all, a high degree of specialist skill are the tools with which we express our creativity every day.

Attention to detail

Experience, specialist skill and a taste for the Classical are the tools with which we achieve our purpose – to create excellent sofas.

Our collections

In an exciting journey through styles and trends, we reinterpreted the Classical upholstered sofa, combining the austerity of carving with the softness of lines, creating a new recognizable style – our own.