This section is devoted to taller-legged Baroque, Louis XV and Louis XVI –
inspired styles which integrate perfectly with our collections and provide a smaller sized alternative.


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    Discover our extraordinary collection of Baroque, Louis XV and Louis XVI style sofas: each sofa is handmade by expert craftsmen, who combine skill and dedication to create authentic works of art that will transform your space into a veritable palace.

    Why choose a Baroque-style armchair or sofa

    Baroque-style sofas originated in the Louis XV era, in which handcrafted wood played a major role in furniture. The finely crafted solid wood frames act as a frame for the upholstered part of the sofa, while guaranteeing solidity and durability.

    Inlaid details and fine finishes

    The visible part of the wood, skilfully inlaid, can be painted in various shades, lacquered or decorated using the gold leaf technique. The latter, together with silver leaf, recalls the originality of antique classic sofas.

    The period sofas have a frame made of solid poplar wood, while the details are made of fir wood. Their colour scheme includes delicate pastel tones, enriched by golden and silver shades. The legs of the sofas and armchairs are adorned with handmade carvings, while the backrests are sinuously curved and upholstered with premium materials. Jacquard, velvet and silk are used to decorate these unique complements.

    A perfect match with other Lunardelli sofas

    Our Baroque, Louis XV and Louis XVI style sofas and armchairs can be combined with other models available on our website, such as fabric sofas with carved wood, allowing you to create a sophisticated and coordinated ambience.

    Whether you are looking to furnish a formal living room or add a touch of luxury to a more modern space, these sofas will perfectly suit your style and needs.