It is one of our most striking features: the integration of hand-carving into the soft lines of classical sofas.
An austere touch than enhances the overall harmony.


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    Wood and fabric sofas

    In our exclusive collection of carved fabric sofas, art and craftsmanship come together to create unique and refined pieces. Each sofa is handmade by skilled craftsmen who pay attention to the smallest details, guaranteeing quality and durability.

    The wood and fabric sofas are an ode to classic elegance. Wooden details, such as the finely hand-carved feet and armrests, lend a touch of refinement, prestige and austerity to each piece, harmonising the softer lines. The high-quality fabric, combined with the handcrafted workmanship, provides exceptional comfort and a sophisticated look typical of 17th century living rooms.

    Customise your sofa with carved wood

    The special feature of our carved fabric sofas lies in the total customisation possibilities. You can choose from a wide range of fine fabrics and select the colours that best suit the style of your living room. In addition, you can opt for a range of different carvings for the wooden elements, usually made of fir. Each sofa will be a tailor-made work of art for your space.

    Why choose an Egidio Lunardelli sofa?

    A classic handmade sofa is synonymous with luxury and style. Thanks to our Etoile, Hermitage, Vanity and Royal Special carved models, you can enhance the refinement of your living room. Attention to detail and the possibility of made-to-measure production, together with our furnishing accessories, will allow you to personalise your living area to the maximum, which will surely remain impressed in the memory of all your guests.

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