The quality of classical sofa

The quality of classical sofa

Often the consumer wonders why to buy a product instead of another: what makes the difference between an ordinary sofa and and  The quality of classical sofa

Design, experimentation, quality of materials.

We are trying to eaplain the quality of classical sofa, in the following text, and to make this reading interesting, we have included links that lead to technical descriptions, some historical information, or to the site of some of our suppliers, the excellence of the sector.

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La qualità del divano classico

  • The design

  • The customization

  • The materials

  • Manual processing

    The finishes

immagine disegno a matita  The creation of a new model is a stimulus to our creativity.

Designing a new model requires a lot of experimentation and we must avoid the repetition of shapes and look for a characteristic note, that differentiates the new model from any other previous creation, while safeguarding comfort and aesthetics.

Our goal is to create shapes that can be traced back to our style, innovative and refined, but that leave no doubts about the authorship of the creation. Simply, create an imprint of style.


disegno progettazioneOnce the model has been created, it often has to be  adapted and modified, according to the customer’s requests.

Our versatility is expressed above all, in satisfying the most complex requests.

Knowing how to adapt a product to the specifications of a furniture project, is a stimulating challenge and the customer who chooses our product expects and deserves total assistance.

We customize our sofas, maintaining the basic characteristics of the chosen model, adapting in shape and size, upcoming into infinite modular modules.

The second phase is the selection of materials, always of the highest quality


Structures are built  in solid wood, handcrafted  generally with poplar wood, while for the long and straight parts we use fir wood.

Carvings, on the other hand, require a harder wood, lime.

The finishing of the visible parts is available in all wood colors: walnut, cherry, mahogany, rosewood or simply “to sample”. It is often made of gold leaf or silver sheets, or 925 silver. All this, is strictly handmade.

About fabrics, we have the largest creative and qualitative panorama in the world: Italian textiles.

La qualità del divano classicoJacquard fabrics, lampas, silks and velvets, all produced in Italy, are chosen and combined with experience and taste.

Sometimes, even  8/10 fabrics are used, choosing combinations in different collections, colors, of  textures or consistencies, but selected with taste.

On padding, we use polyurethane foams of various densities  and Memory Forms, to give the right support or the necessary softness to the various support parts.

Over the years, some technical and hypoallergenic products, such as HCS, soft and elastic, have been proposed as alternative to the soft, but static natural  feather.

Using excellent materials is not enough: to obtain an excellent product, manual skills, technique and experience are required, which can only be fully acquired with decades of application and experimentation.



The quality of classical sofaThe quality of the classic sofa is determined by the use of totally manual processing techniques: it is impossible to replace them with technology.

Only the hand of man is able to obtain processes such as pleating or capitonné, a quilting technique, generally in a rhomboid shape.

An excellent upholstery worker, he is not such, if he does not know how to make capitonné. We can define it as the graduation exam of the perfect upholsterer.

Finishings of the classical sofa quality

La qualità del divano classicothat is, the application of fringes and cords, bows and rosettes. They are the final and decorative part of the production process.

Italy boasts the excellence of trimmings.

Companies with over a century of history, that often still use wooden frames, and where customization is the result of close synergy.

The application of the trimmings is a delicate phase, which finalizes all the work carried out, and which emphasizes its quality, professionalism and attention to detail.

As in a good recipe, each ingredient must be blended with the others, but allowing its characteristic note to be perceived, without ever dominating the other ingredients.

A balance.

If you have reached this point of reading, then we have achieved our aim: to explain our philosophy, hoping you will share it.